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20 Questions for Dogs

1. Favorite place to sleep? IN BED
2. Favorite food? CHEESE
3. Wet or Dry food? DRY
4. Favorite thing to chew? DINGOS CHEWIES
5. Indoors or Outdoors? INDOORS
6. Favorite place to walk? WETLANDS
7. Do you have a costume for Holloween? NO!
8. Are you embarrassed by dog outfits? YES!
9. Favorite collar? USC COLLAR!
10. Hair cuts or the natural look? I HAVE NATURALLY SHORT HAIR.
11. Do you like baths? WHEN THE WATER IS WARM.
12. Favorite place to watch your territory? WINDOW SEAT IN DAVID'S ROOM.
13. What cute thing do you do for a treat? SIT UP AND BEG
14. What most do you like to bark at? ANYTHING THAT MOVES
15. Cats: Take them or leave them? LEAVE THEM!
16. Would you chase a squirrel right now if you could? YES OF COURSE
17. What else do you like to chase? ANYTHING THAT MOVES.
18. If you catch something, what do you do with it? EAT IT IF IT IS SMALL ENOUGH.
19. Does going to the vet upset you? YES.
20. Do you prefer to walk or go for a car ride? CAR RIDE


  1. Too cute! Schatze sounds like a pampered pup :)

  2. It's good to know more about Schatze. My Ellie Mae absolutely agreed about the cats but was appalled that Schatze would get near water, even if it was warm.

  3. OHHH-- my next two Pups to profile...


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