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Wandering Dog told to GO HOME!

Here is the story:

Idaho vandals paint message on furry coat of unleashed pooch:

MAY 3--Police are seeking the vandals who spray-painted the words "Go Home" on a Samoan Shepherd who enjoys wandering, unleashed, though its Idaho neighborhood. As seen in the below evidence photos, the dog, named Wiley, had one word painted on each side of his body. According to a Bannock County Sheriff's Department report, Wiley's owner called cops late last month after discovering her dog "had been spray painted with gang graffiti." Actually, it appears that the ambulating animal wasn't tagged by an Idaho Blood or Crip, but rather by some annoyed neighbor or juvenile delinquent. A sheriff's deputy advised Wiley's owner, Marilyn Hardenbrook, to keep the dog in her own yard (and under her control while the pooch was "out and about").

Click on the link in the title for the full report.

We have a similiar problem in our neighborhood with unleashed dogs. If you have smaller breed, you know what a problem this can be for your pup. I constantly have to pick up Schatze to keep her from being jumped on and hurt by the large dogs roaming around here while we are walking. This is to say nothing of the mess these unsupervised dogs leave behind and the danger created for drivers in this neighborhood when there is a dog dashing across the street with no warning.

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  1. I don't agree with the spray method, but people shouldn't let their dogs run freely...or their kids either.


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