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Book #50 Kin (The Good Neighbors)

4 out of 5
Product Description
Rue Silver's mother has disappeared . . . and her father has been arrested, suspected of killing her. But it's not as straightforward as that. Because Rue is a faerie, like her mother was. And her father didn't kill her mother -- instead, he broke a promise to Rue's faerie king grandfather, which caused Rue's mother to be flung back to the faerie world. Now Rue must go to save her -- and must also defeat a dark faerie that threatens our very mortal world.

I really enjoy Holly Black's writing style and this one didn't disappoint. This is the first graphic novel I have read and it was nice for a change. It did take me longer to read than I would have thought since I was looking at the detail in the pictures. I guess a picture is worth a thousand words. This was a good choice for my first book of this type. I can't wait for the next one.

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  1. It sounds really good, I wish it wasn't a graphic novel, I don't know but I still have some aversion to these. I'll have to overcome that some day soon.


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