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book #44 The Smart One

The Smart One by Ellen Meister

4 out of 5

Product Description
Bev is the Smart One, who finally leaves her artistic ambitions in chalk dust (and her humor-impaired husband in the arms—and legs—of his nubile protégée) to become a schoolteacher. Clare is the Pretty One, who married well and seems to be living a designer version of the suburban dream. Joey is the Wild One, struggling to stay clean and sober now that she's used up her fifteen minutes of fame as a one-hit-wonder rock star.
They love each other but mix like oil, water, and hundred-proof gin . . . a combination that threatens to combust over family tensions, suspected infidelities, a devastating accident, a stunning confession, and the sudden reappearance of their handsome, now all-grown-up former neighbor, Kenny Waxman, who's back in town making his mark as a TV comedy writer.
It seems they'll never understand where their differences begin and their own destructive tendencies end. Then it happens: the sisters discover a decades-old body stuffed inside an industrial drum and begin a bold, heartbreaking, and sometimes hilarious journey that will either bring them together . . . or tear them apart for good.

This was an excellent mystery Chick Lit story that will keep you turning the pages and laughing. I really enjoyed it.


  1. You know I've never warmed up to chick lit. Meybe I'll try it with this book, this year seems like the year for trying out new things in the reading world.

  2. Lilly -- there are so many good ones coming out this year. A lot of them were probably just listed under "fiction" or "novels" before the term "chick lit" came out. This type of genre has been around for a longer time than most people realize.


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