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Book #41 Witch High

Witch High by Denise Little (Editor)

4 out of 5

Product Descriptionmove over, hogwarts...High school is different for everyone. For some, it’s a time to shine, and for others, a time to survive. Then there are the students who attend those special schools for the gifted. But what if there was a school that catered to those rarest of students—those who can do magic?These fourteen tales explore the challenges that students of the magical arts may face in a high school of their very own. If you think chemistry is tough, try alchemy. If you ever fell victim to a school bully, how would you deal with a bully gifted with powerful magic? And if you needed more time to study, what spell could give you all the time you desired?These are just a few of the magical adventures that will await you when you enter Salem Township Public High School #4— otherwise known as Witch High...

These little short stories were good on the most part. I was exposed to quite a few new authors I really enjoyed. I think I would actually enjoy having some of those domestic witch genes to make cleaning easier.

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