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Book #32 Eyeliner of the Gods

4 out of 5

Product Description:

Sixteen-year-old January James is ecstatic to have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to leave Seattle, and head for the Sahara Desert, where she will be working side-by-side with real life archaeologists. I mean, it's not like Jan plans on being an archaeologist, she plans on being a journalist, but going on this dig will look great on her college resume, and will give her a chance to see what it will be like when she has to head out on assignments in the future. Of course, Jan has no idea that she will be entirely stranded with an annoyingly pushy girl named Chloe, an absolutely gorgeous hottie named Seth, and a cursed bracelet. Who knew that a great opportunity like this would turn into such aggravation?

This is a great mini chick lit read. I really enjoy Jan's snarky comments and look forward to another from this author.

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  1. Sounds really cute! Like something Katie MacAlister would write.


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