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Book # 27 Witch Blood

Witch Blood by Anya Bast

4 out of 5

Blurb from Book: A water witch, Isabelle Novak has always led a chaotic, nomadic existence. But her life spins out of control when her sister—her only friend and emotional anchor—is killed by a demon. Driven by grief and a desire for revenge, she turns her back on the Coven and the rede they hold sacred: Harm thee none... When Isabelle first encounters Thomas Monahan, she’s running on pure rage and sorrow, channeling her pain into power—and trying to freeze the life out of a warlock she holds responsible for her sister’s death. Together, they form an uneasy alliance to hunt and destroy a demon of tremendous power. As head of the Coven, earth witch Thomas must thwart Isabelle’s dark impulses, but his very presence stirs deeper desires she never knew she had…

Although this is the second book in the series, it could stand alone. I like the attitude of Isabelle and the interplay between her and Thomas who we met in the first book. If you like hot, this book is for you

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  1. I have to read some books with witches this year and this one seems like the one. Thanks.


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