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Let's help this baby....

Samuel Yourdon was born March 13, 2008. He was born with Agilles syndrome and it means that little Samuel needs a liver transplant as well as a heart bi-pass. The surgery will take place at Columbian Presbyterian Hospital in New York City which is over 250 miles from where he lives with his parents.

Please help us with this fundraiser to help his family with the expenses that will be incurred in connection with this surgery. Money raised will be used for out of pocket expenses for the family for travel, hotels, food, and anything else needed by them during these two surgeries for Samuel.

Good News: 62.5% of the retail sales of candles sold will be given to Samuel’s family. There is no profit taken by the Home Interiors Consultant that organized this worthy cause fundraiser. Your purchase or donation is appreciated.

Donations are being accepted as well for those who would like to make a donation instead of purchasing candles. Paypal donations can be sent to: with “Samuel” in the notes.

Please make any checks for donations payable to: Brian A Yourdon Jr. with “Samuel” on the notation.
Checks should be turned in with the orders and sent Beverly Covell by February 15th.
Beverly Covell 32 Old Boorne Dr Apt L1 Clinton NY 13323
Any questions please feel free to call: 315-853-4932 or email:

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  1. 62.5% of the retail sales of candles sold will be given to Samuel’s family??

    Sure sounds like someone is making a profit here. Theres a missing 37.5% profit margin.

    Maybe if you didn't hold back over 1/3 yu could " help this baby".Cashing in on it is wrong.May God have mercy on you for this childs sake.


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