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Book #3 The Shiksa Syndrome

The Shiksa Syndrome: A NovelAuthors: Laurie Graff

Overall this is a light and quick read which I really enjoyed. Aimee pretends to be a Shiksa (non-Jewish) to get the Jewish man of her dreams and when she finds it is harder to keep up the lie, she becomes honest with herself. By not pretending, she finds the love she was looking for was right there all along.


  1. This sounds super cute. How long is it? Book or ebook? And goodness can I ask any more questions at one time LOL!

  2. Hi Sarai!
    It was a quick read, I think I did the whole thing in about 5 hours, over 2 days. It was 336 pages, not very long and it was a book from a book ring I am involved with. Actually J Kaye started it!


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