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Book #18 Speed Demon

Speed Demon by Erin Lynn

4 out 5

Blurb from book...Guys can be annoying, but the demonic kind are the worst…
That is how Kenzie Sutcliffe felt about Levi. He shot out of Kenzie’s shower, a.k.a. the demon hole, not too long ago. It was hard for Kenzie to close the portal—it involved her driving the family’s minivan into the kitchen. And what thanks does she get for that? She’s grounded, not allowed to drive, and getting chauffeured around by a demon whose driver’s license is dubious at best. Plus, the demon tells her, when one portal closes—another one opens…
Even though Levi can be a pain, Kenzie just can’t let the other demons drag him back to hell. Guess that means it’s up to her to save the day…again!

Another adorable mini chick lit paranormal read from Erin McCarthy. Kenzie pulls off another save in the second book in the Demon series. I like the characters and witty dialogue. It is amazing how the author can develop the story in such a small space.


  1. Book 18? My bloggers were astonished that I'm on book 14 but you definitely are way ahead of me. I'm glad to know that there are others out there reading as much if not more than me.

  2. LOL Chele -- I am reading all my "thin" books now so I can read the big ones and still keep on goal.


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